Procura-se Assistente de Investigação


Caros colegas,
Estamos a recrutar um assistente de investigação. Esta posição é ideal para uma pessoa que tenha mestrado e pretenda adquirir experiência de investigação antes de avançar para um doutoramento. O ficheiro pdf em anexo inclui informação detalhada (também copiada abaixo). Solicitamos o vosso apoio no sentido de divulgarem esta oportunidade junto de ex-alunos dos vossos cursos de mestrado e membros do vosso centro de investigação (na perspectiva destes reencaminharem a informação para potenciais candidatos).
Com os Melhores Cumprimentos,
Paulo N. Lopes



Duties and Responsibilities
The research assistant will work with Paulo Lopes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP-FCEE), in Lisbon, on a program of research focused on emotional and interpersonal skills. This program, bridging organizational behavior and applied psychology, examines emotion regulation, decision making, and flexibility in interpersonal interaction and conflict management. It is designed to advance scientific knowledge and inform training programs focused on managing people in organizations.
The research assistant is expected to contribute to this program by: searching and synthesizing research literature; contributing to the design of new studies; developing and testing study materials and measures; preparing online questionnaires; recruiting and responding to research participants; collecting, managing and analyzing data; coordinating lab work; supervising undergraduate research assistants; participating in research meetings with graduate and undergraduate students; and developing training materials. Part of the time will be devoted to collaborating on and administering a transferrable skills training program.
This position is ideal for someone holding a Masters degree who wishes to gain research experience prior to pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational behavior or psychology, and who is interested in the application of research to training and education. The research assistant will receive training in data analysis and have the opportunity to attend regular research seminars.
Essential qualifications and characteristics: Undergraduate degree. Very good written and spoken English and Portuguese. Facility with quantitative data. Computer skills. Initiative, motivation, and flexibility. Capacity to work independently, manage multiple priorities and meet pressing deadlines. Attention to detail. Excellent interpersonal skills.
Additional, desirable experience and characteristics: Masters degree, preferably in psychology or organizational behavior. Course work in statistics. Research experience (e.g. data analysis; database management, and report writing). Practice of Excel and SPSS.
Conditions, Start Date and Application Process 
Remuneration will be based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. The position will be for one year, renewable for another year subject to good performance. The work is to start as soon as possible. Please send a cover letter and resume in English (preferably indicating two referees) by email to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. 
Further Information
The research center of the School of Economics and Management of the Catholic University of Portugal was rated “excellent” by Portugal’s Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). The school received the Triple Crown international accreditation and was ranked in the top 50 in the world for executive education by the Financial Times. For information about Paulo Lopes please visit or


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